The overall objective of our IV&V methodology is to establish documented evidence that the system does what it has been designed to do and will continue to operate correctly within the organization’s network enterprise architecture. Our risk-based methodology employs practices described in NIST 800 series publications, industry best practices, and internal regulations and guidelines from government agencies.

Our security staff have significant past experience in performing IV&V, and understanding the methodologies and approaches used to plan, develop, scope and execute our strategies.  1ClickSecurity’s IV&V services help clients to ensure that their Cybersecurity programs, IT systems, and IT applications have management, operational, and technical controls properly implemented to ensure security and compliance.  We leverage technical and regulatory expertise to conduct assessments that meet the needs of each organization. We utilize a combination of technical tools and baseline security reviews to fully assess each applicable security control. This ensures that the controls meet the security and compliance goals and objectives of protecting proprietary data. We validate security authorization boundaries to ensure the controls being tested are within the scope of the IV&V.  Additionally, we perform qualitative analysis and evaluation to ensure maximum control effectiveness.  Upon completion of IV&V activities, we produce a comprehensive Security Assessment Report (SAR) and deliver an executive-level briefing consisting of results and recommendations.