NIST 800-171
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We work closely with System Owners to ensure General Support Systems and Major Applications operate as they have been designed to do. We do this through rigorous testing of security controls.


We deliver objective visibility into the progress and quality of a system's development through manual and automated security testing. We make sure each system does what it has been designed to do.


We interpret and apply information contained within your EA to enhance business processes, improve design and streamline system life cycle activities. We are experts in configuration and change management.

Are your systems really secure?

We deliver expert feedback on how your technical, operational and management controls are functioning, and make recommendations that will enhance your ability to protect your data.


"Rodney has done a very nice job in his role as the Security Arch in support of a Department of Education project. He brought a great deal of dedication and professionalism to his role and could always be counted on to deliver under the most sensitive time constraints."
- Commercial Customer
"Working with Rodney has been a very pleasant experience. His years of experience as a Security Architect really helped in working with Information Assurance and the OCIO team. Rodney was able to clearly map out the path that we needed to take in order to accomplish all the tasks on hand. Through his effective communication skills and timely submission of all the documentation we were able to successfully receive an ATO."
- Commercial Customer
"The agency engaged Rodney Fuller during the summer of 2015 to perform an independent assessment in accordance with NIST guidelines. During the entire course of the engagement 1Click was extremely professional, methodical, knowledgeable and insightful. His philosophical approach is to facilitate the review process, not undermine it. Staff enjoyed engaging with him and in the process gained a better understanding of both the letter and spirit of FISMA, and information security in general. The review was completed within the prescribed timeframes and deliverables were provided as required without any concerns whatsoever."

- DC City Government